It´s Aliiiiiiive... - April Challenge

Hi everyone! This is my first for he april challenge and I hope you enjoy my lovely monster...hehehehe

Mirel Goldenberg (Israel)

Mirel Goldenberg (Israel)
children and educational book illustrator
art director and designer

Frankenstien 90210 - April Challenge

Hi,  new guy here - I wanted to contribute to April with no time with day job and the freelance work so i am posting this.


Hello! I'm Gloria from Italy...this is my first post here..nice to meet you!

Frankenstein Laptop - April Challenge

Hello. My name is Paul Shinn. I'm an illustrator from London, England and this is my first post on here.

I'm currently working on my own website so haven't had so much time to spend on drawing, but created an illustration for April's Monthly Challenge theme: Frankenstein...

I'll be posting some more work up here very soon. In the meantime you can view more of my illustrations over at my own blog. Thanks!


Frankenstein and the flower - April Challenge

Creative Boom's banner

I've just finished a banner for Creative Booms home page, click on the illustration above to see it bigger or check it out on


Illustration I created depicing 'sustainable' shopping

Sporty Jap Bitch

Illustration i created while i was in a coffee shop!

Frank and bunny Stein - April Challenge

Frank and his bunny Stein

Happy Earth Day!

I hope all of you have a lovely Earth Day! :)

My New Logos

My new lauradrawer logo. And a new brand logo for my drawings, Me Oh My.
Any thoughts would be lovely!

T-shirt Illustration

This is an illustration I was ask to do for a t-shirt. I don't play in a band but will wear one of them when printed.

Jo Pole

Hi there this is a first post for me.
Thought I would share my most recent print.
"The Feathers"

New Work from Rachel: Illustrations for Amelia's Magazine - 'Inside The Book Club'

I was asked to illustrate an article about The Book Club bar in Shoreditch- a really great place that I went to recently; they put on great events all the time so if you're ever around that part of London, I suggest you see what's on. This thursday they're running the Come Get Felt Up night which sounds so much fun!

I was supplied photos and told to put my stamp on them; I really enjoyed doing these and am so pleased with how they came out - I haven't done line drawings with collage for a lonnng time and they've ended up summing up the place well I think. It's really eclectic and so much creativity goes on in there, but it's also very grungy in feel - low ceilings, warehouse-y, exposed bricks, rooms leading onto others etc, so I wanted to get that across too. I also cheekily put my own artwork in the frames on the walls! Ha. I wish ;) It's a bar primarily, but it also holds club nights, life drawing classes, club nights with live DJs, it's got a table tennis table and pool tables, they serve food (gooood food), it's pretty damn awesome.

David Parkinson

Hello everyone warm greetings from manchester UK. I was recently invited to contribute to this blog which was rather a delightful surprise. Here's an example of the kind of work I do. I think you can link to my website now my names listed on the right (David Parkinson). toodle pip

Little frankie joins in - April Challenge

couldn't resist another april challenge pic! woke up this morning & got it in my head to do frankenstein as a kid. so here's little frankie, doing his little best to fit in with the other kids...

Stitched Frankenstein - April Challenge

This month's Challenge was " Frankenstein ", so I created a depiction of our stitched together friend.

Oscar Armelles Interview

Here is an interview about me on Creative Boom, an online magazine for the creative industries in the UK.

Click here if you want to read it :)

Hello Olivia!

An illustration for my niece, Olivia...

The frankenmoth generator - April Challenge

long before the failure of the monster, some of frankenstein's earlier experiments with insects and birds were more successful. here, a giant death's head hawk moth that flew into the laboratory by mistake learns to use its newly grafted sparrow legs to turn the wheel and power a small dynamo. as the valves begin to glow, the moth's attraction to the light drives it to peddle harder. thus is born the frankenmoth generator...

ok here's my frankenstein pic for april - thought i'd do something different, so no monster here. just something a bit gothic & maybe a bit sad like the original tale. and a bit stupid too as always...

Harpster Draws a Fat Happy Dragon

You can see the video on You Tube at the following [LINK].


I'm doing a rework of DOOM's 'Born Like This' record sleeve. This is a trial of technique and stylising to see if it works. I used an airbrush to do the art in black and blue ink then inverted it and added colours on Photoshop.

Monster in the closet

Once again I had a bit of a play with Cinema 4D. I am getting more used to this program but still only know 1% ..... ok, the illustration is a bit rough on the edges, but a lot of fun to do.

Here I created that closet monster that I know exist in our bedroom (and by the way, I also took that picture on the wall)

The Damned Forgotten

This is a recent piece of work.

Hello Nasty!

New illustrations! got bored and created a series of hot girls.
If ever my illustrations turned in to a lingerie would you wear it? girls?

And now for my next trick....

So I posted a video of me drawing the bug thing above on You Tube. Just so you know I sped the video up. I can't draw that fast in real life. Here's the [LINK]

Ipod Frankenstein - April Challenge

Here's my Frankenstein idea for April. I finished him first as a parody of the iPod commercials, and I posted that one on my own blog here:


LJG Art & Illustration

Hi! I am a freelance Artist/ Illustrator/ Designer. I like everything creative and can work in many medias but really enjoy painting and digital work.

Thank you! :-)


I'm doing some illustrations of a harmonica player, David Michelsen (who is currently teaching me how to play) I did this in pencil working from a photo. I photographed the drawing then coloured in photoshop. There's a few layers, 1 for flesh tone (using 2 colours) 1 for the lighting and a blue gradient. Hope you like it! (You can find more of my work here btw)

Plus there's an ID monthly challenge that everybody should do if they haven't seen it yet, I just saw it myself. The theme is Frankenstein, should be good!


Here is one of my favourite illustrations I have on my website at the moment - there is something about it.

Something I have been working on...


class of 2010

i dont really want to show commercial work, but this one was kind of fun. the client wanted a school photo showing kids' ambitions. i like the spaceman.

Portrait series - Mr. Devil

This is the first of a series of portrait-like character I'm creating on Cinema 4D.

I ask them to pose for a second in front of a backdrop - here I was lucky enough to get this really cool looking Devil, and he even gave me his autograph.

Trouble Weighs a Ton

Inspired by Dan Auerbach's song 'Trouble Weighs a Ton'
My images are hand drawn then colored in Photoshop. You can view more of my images in my blog Thanks Illustration Dust.

Rachel Says Hello: Nonsensical Spam Comment Project

Hi Illustration Dust-ers! It's great to be here, I'm Rachel Lewis aka Rachel Says Hello. You can check out my website here at, which tells you a bit more about me and my work, I also write a blog with my thoughts and musings on illustration, design, fashion, culture, trends, things I find inspirational, etc etc, called rachelsays... So check that out too if you feel like it.

An ongoing project that I'm doing at the moment is called the Nonsensical Spam Comment Project - I get tonnes of spam comments on my blog, most are crap, but sometimes you get the odd bit of really strange, nonsensical gold... so I've decided to illustrate the best ones. Here is the series so far:

"Let's take our chance together to get rid of nastiness of the life."

"Universal truth that you can not argue with: Eternal love lasts about three months."

"Bravo, this brilliant phrase is necessary just by the way"

"Since it is the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late...."

I've just completed that bird one today. What does everyone think? 

I'm also on twitter too, @rachillustrates. See you around guys :)

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