Stone Age animation intro

Another Cinema 4D animation I've created - the intro for a Stone Age documentary.

Is It a Toy?

Burst Magazine Submission

My submission for Burst Magazine's 'LOVE' edition.

TATA GALA 2010 Entry

This is my entry for the 2010 TATA GALA, a charity art show with money going towards Breast Cancer Research.  It was selected for display in the Sarasota, Florida show.   I was influenced by Erik Jones' style of painting, which is often a mix of realism and flat graphic elements.

Nepal Artwork

The image below is a cropped detail of a larger piece that I've recently completed based upon my recent trip to Nepal. Please click on it and have a look at the whole image (it was too long to fit onto this blog post). I've tried to incorporate many different aspects from my trip, including the 'donkey trains', Yaks and numerous hand painted trucks.

Nepal Pattern by ardillustration

Feed Your Soul

My sleepy bear illustration for Indie Fixx Feed Your Soul Project. A free art project which you can download as many of the prints as you like...... for free!


new work

A new illustration I've been working on for a new design company I'm in the process of setting up.

Super - Madness

Going to one of those gigantic supermarkets with all those unnecessary product options and madness can produce certain side-effects, ask this poor chap.

Material Girl on Twitpic

Material Girl on Twitpic


Pamela's Portrait

I love Audrey Kawasaki's work and I wanted to know how my friend would look like if I fuse this style into this portrait painting. I really had fun doing this. Audrey's style is so minimalistic that I feel like I'm applying makeup on my friend instead of painting it, which is very very interesting and fun. Audrey's a genius.

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