Rock 'n' Needle: Rock 'n' Needle Fashion Showcase at Chinawhite

Rock 'n' Needle: Rock 'n' Needle Fashion Showcase at Chinawhite: "Rock 'n' Needle are delighted to announce a Rock 'n' Needle fashion showcase on Thursday, June 30th at the stunning Chinawhite nightclub, Lo..."

Summit Brew header illustration

I got to illustrate the header image for a brand new website called, started up by outdoor journalist (and beer-drinker) Jared Hargrave. The premise of the site is for contributors to climb a peak, and once there drink an exotic beer, then later write a review of both.

For the image, I ended up going for the look on an old, weathered, painted sign from the 50's, or possibly an old style tourist postcard.

This is the original approved sketch.

This the inked drawing, which I did at roughly 3'x13'. Its times like this I love Photoshop's photo merge feature. The landscape changed quite a bit once I looked up some actual reference images for Utah. Note I originally showed the guy with a six-pack, but changed it when the client pointed out the safety hazards of mountain climbing after that much consumption.

Here is the final again with the six-pack magically transformed into a healthy whole wheat sandwich and a back of chips.

Anjo Bolarda Sketches

Present for a Loved One

Hi! I've done this plasticine model and illustration background as a present for my lovely cousin. Plasticine is colored with acrylic and illustration with gouache.

Sell your Scifi illustrations

Here is a new website where illustrators that love everything 'scifi' can sell their work - Zoxtar - you can sell any existing illustrations or in some cases a client might contact you via Zoxtar to commission an illustration if they want something in particular.

Have a look - and, May the force be with you.

Sorted London- Brick Lane Exhibition

Sorted is a group show featuring a diverse range of work from 10 artists. The exhibition will be held at East Gallery and will be running from 9 - 16th June 2011. 

Please do join us at the private view which will be on Thursday 9th June. No need to RSVP so come along and join us on the night! Original artwork and limited edition prints will also be available for purchase.

For more information about the exhibition and the artists go to our website at
Join our Facebook Group and follow us on Twitter @SORTEDlondon

From all of us we hope to see you there! 

Fishing Boats

Following on from my tractor image where I revisited an old sketchbook drawing, I have produced another illustration based on my travels. I made the initial drawing two years ago, whilst in Cornwall. The patterns of the scene - made up of the boats bobbing up and down on the rippling water were what appealed to me most. I have used quite a bit of negative space with this image, which helps to depict the gentle motion of the water.

Boats by ardillustration

Something about teeth

Grins, grimaces and something else beginning with 'G'.
Something about bared teeth takes an expression and underlines it with red crayon.
Fregsample, here's a doodle of a gal that you can tell isn't all squeaky woollens and comfy slippers.
Whoever she is and whatever she does, with teeth like these, she's gonna be enthusiastic.

Arthur the Flamboyant Fish ;)

© 2011 - Alex Colombo
 Hand painted with gouache and watercolor on cork paper.

Work is Fun From Time to Time / Dinosaur Theme Park Project

Some sketches i've done for a new project at work.
Hopefully i'll post the rest and all when they'll be finished.

Live by the sword, die by the sword, paint with a knife

As an exercise, I reproduced Bere only using my palette knife, with no blending. It required the marks to be more considered, in both mixing and placement. I used acrylics because I wanted this to be a quick exercise. The Bere I did in oils at Christmas is still too wet to varnish. Call me impatient!

Royal Wedding Illustration

My Illustration of Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge is available to buy as a print from my shop.

Also featured in Amelia's Magazine.

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