it sure has been a long totally overwhelmed with so much freelance work, which is great i guess, but anyway i started a painting to enter in last months alien challenge - and only just got round to finishing the stupid thing. so missed the deadline but thought i'd post it anyway. hope you like it.

Wine glasses

Here are some wine glasses I've created using the 3D program Cinema 4D .... they look like photographs (but they ar not ;) ....

Gaurd Monster

Check out my
and my

Rotten Fish with Monster




Hello everyone!

Just an Avatar fanart.

Bird & Rain

August Challenge - Big foot Man

Inked line with tone added in Photoshop.

Harpster Draws blog spot

New Work for Tigerprint

The end of the academic year is always a busy period for me, sorting out exhibitions and marking work. Thankfully it is now the summer break and I have been able to spend more time on my Illustration work. I have been doing this whilst also moving home and setting up my new studio. Drawing at my desk, surrounded by boxes has been my daily routine as of late, so it was a nice change to do some in-house work at Tigerprint's lovely and spacious studio near the Yorkshire Dales. I was there for a week and worked on a variety of projects from packaging to calenders. The resulting artwork should be appearing in the shops some time in the next few months so keep your eyes peeled! Below is one of the card designs I was asked to produce.

Greetings card by ardillustration

I'm heading back up the M1 later this month to do some more work for Tigerprint and stay in the infamous cottage (a place where freelancers rest their weary head), so will show what I come up with when I get back.

Collecting faces

I use my camera to 'collect' interesting faces so I can paint them when I want to practise.
This was a couple I captured in the Naschmarkt in Vienna.
Painted in oils on board, approximately A4 in size.
Knife work for the impasto, brushes for the detail.

In this detail, I'm pleased with how my current scanner maintains the texture without 'fringing'.

Dirty Fingers

I've been working on new work and curating the Dirty Fingers Show in Antwerp. The show opened Friday and was really good fun(Thanks to Vedett for free beer!...)

I've finally updated my site with the work I made for the show, here's a few of the pieces and you can see more here and here...

Reception Install

Reception Install




August Challenge - One Bigfoot

What's that noise I hear? Coming out of the woods? It's this month's Illustration Dust Challenge...BIGFOOT!
( Click on the image to get a better view)

Pharoahe Monch - Portrait

Bit of an experiment in this piece, trying to use my style in a slightly more symmetrical way, as the writing becomes a pattern, I thought it would be interesting to carry on that logic by repeating elements of my graffiti/writing/scribbles to make a pattern and in itself creating a new dimension of my style, slightly more composed I think rather than the usual randomness only held together by focal points, composition and subjects. Let me know what you think? Also check out a few new pieces I have on my blog and flickr. Add me up if your on flickr or twitter I'd love to see your work :)

Study for a larger piece

A 200mm study in oils of a larger monochrome piece I'm planning.
From an image by photographer Virginie Dubois.
The values in the detail are closer to the original.

Murder Birds Exhibition pieces

A few new pieces from an exhibition of work that Kevin Winter and I had at 139 Greenwich South Street recently

Waiting for the Bus on a Friday Night

This is an image I did quite a long time ago... it's my first post here, just to introduce myself! I hope to put new illustrations up on this site later.


Heya Im a new member so heres an example of my illustration. Please feel free to visit my blog or website. I will be uploading more images soon. I would love to hear any feedback!
Thanks :)

Yen Vang

Chinese demon

Here are some elements and levels of my new illustration. I'll finish this for the next week

June Challenge winner

Here is the winner for June's ID Challenge of the month, an illustration created by Nora Thompson. The theme was Dracula.

This is Nora's second win, voted by the friends and members of ID ..... watch out guys and girls!!! :)

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