Process of my latest project.
About the plasticine part of it: I need some more waves.
And of couse I still have to do the fishing rod and the bucket. Then I can play with some acrylic paint.

Community Care Magazine

I produced this illustration for an article about a complicated merger between the government's adult and child services. I was trying to show how the links could benefit some individuals as they pass from childhood into adulthood, but also how some people could be lost in the system.

Community Care Magazine by ardillustration

A portrait I've been working on

Latest work for Outdoor Utah

Here's my latest work for Outdoor Utah. The art director had a couple of specific ideas in mind and asked for color sketches for each. Above is the final one that was chosen. I went with a bit of a Japanese woodblock influence.

This is the other image, which I liked enough to finish it even though it wasn't chosen. This one is very heavily influenced by my former college adviser and amazing illustrator Robert Meganck. It may in fact be teetering on "blatant rip-off," but I've been wanting to do a Meganck-style illustration for awhile now.

Below are the initial pencil sketches with digital color added.

Wedding Illustration

The past few weeks have been really busy with various commissions and in particular, wedding Illustrations. I've recently had the pleasure of working with a lovely girl from New York, called Ann, on a portrait for her wedding (see above). The brief was to create an image of a bride and groom kissing in a very romantic and whimsical style. The Illustration is going to be printed on tote bags which Ann and her husband to be will be giving to guests as a 'welcome' at their reception. What a sweet idea!

Ann was amazing to work with, so lovely and open to ideas. I'm so excited to see how they go down at her wedding next year!

If you'd like a bespoke wedding Illustration or portrait, please do get in touch:

GOSH Monster

New art from Keith Frawley. Pro-Bono Book Project.

Game of Thrones

The unusual Daenerys Targaryen, from Game of Thrones.

The long hard look in the mirror

It's difficult being an ordinary-looking human in a world where one no longer has the option of whether or not to be advertised at. You may have been recently subjected to marketing which has forced you to confront an example of the ideal human form, as paraded by a digitally enhanced model. You may have been unable to resist comparing yourself alongside and subconsciously noting that if you invest in product x, you too might be beautiful and happy with a massive gleaming shiny white smile. You unfortunately get no say in this matter, a pre-packaged thought has been seeded into your mind, and whether or not you want it there, it's there. Sometimes it's barely possible to have an internal monologue for more than a few minutes before one's train of thought is interrupted by a bright picture bellowing down at you from a billboard, the side of a bus, the pages of your newspaper; chipping away at your self-image, brazenly suggesting to you that there is probably room for improvement.

Reflecting on this got me thinking about they whys and wherefores of some of the long-winded and probably ultimately pointless beautification rituals I have been persuaded to follow. Here are some of my sketchbook doodlings on this subject anyway.

Illustrations for Morrisons Magazine

I was asked to produce a couple of illustrations for the 'Vouchers' section of the magazine, and as I do like a bargain, I happily agreed. Here is one of my drawings showing a lady paying with her Morrisons vouchers and looking rather happy about it!

Morrisons Magazine Vouchers by ardillustration

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