September Challenge - Spider

Here is my submission for the September Challenge, Monsters.
They can be any size. My personal demon is easily the common spider.

A selection of my recent work

Hello all!
Here is a selection of my work, including some coursework, a submission for SNAP zine and two for pleasure. I know I haven't been very active around here recently, but it has been an amazing and busy Summer.
All work can be found at my blog.


Here is a quick sketch I did the other day at home on my moleskine (always with me). There is something dark and sad about this character, but I like it.

Tea Time


Here is a little invite I've done for my baseball team's night out (Croydon Pirates) ,our season is over, so it's time to celebrate going to a Bar and Grill for some beers and BBQ buffalo wings, mmmmhhh .... Go Pirates!!

First Day of School

First day of classes at the new school.

That Lightning Bolt Was Mine

"When he returned from the cemetery, he was surprised by a storm of little paper birds falling like snow on the orange trees in the orchard. He caught one of them, unfolded it and read: that lightning bolt was mine." - Gabriel García Márquez, Of Love and Other Demons.


I dreamed about pigs some days ago, so I thought I'd try to draw some pigs.

S.D.G.EastLondon: Paul Giles - Artist, Illustrator, Designer.

S.D.G.EastLondon: Paul Giles - Artist, Illustrator, Designer.: "Mister Giles I started art at school, but I wasn’t particularly devoted to it I enjoyed it but then I started to get taught about graffi..."

Loser Pays, Winner Stays

Click on the image above, to watch an animated short I created titled
" Loser Pays, Winner Stays ", dealing with a knight, a dragon, and
the code of the Arcade.

Freddy the Dragon - September Challenge

Here is my entry for this month's challenge, can't say this dragon is the most scary monster after the knight was done with him, but still.

Illustrations for Freaks (by Tod Browning). Anna M.

Hello everyone! Great works around here!
You may like the illustrations I did for the old story called "Freaks" )))
Greetings from Barcelona!

Anna M.


Put away your flip-flops and fill up the hot-water bottle, summer is over! I've been in a rather reflective mood lately and produced this image of a field full of daisies, poppies and dragonflies. I came across this view when on a long walk in August. It was scorching hot that day and so this image reminds me of a time when socks were not needed.

Summertime by ardillustration

September Challenge - Eeek! That monster stole my cookies!

Yes,another one of my monster creations.
You can view more of my monsters on my blog [LINK]

Annual Soap Box Derby

A4 size, inked, then coloured in Photoshop.
I did this to help promote an annual downhill race in my home town.
The empty spaces are to accommodate text when the image is used on promo posters etc.

Thunder Robot

A3 coloured pencil drawing of thunder robot toy

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