Monthly Challenge

This is the Monthly Challenge for this month.

October: Halloween

Every month we will post a new challenge, you'll have a the whole month to post any illustration you think relates to the challenge. At the end of each month we'll put all the illustrations entered into the month's challenge for voting. The illustration with the most votes for that month will appear in the Monthly Challenge winners list ... what an honour!! ;)

At the end of the year we'll put all the monthly winners up for voting, the illustration that accumulates the biggest number of votes will be THE ID ILLUSTRATION OF THE YEAR and will win a little price, wow!!

Monthly Challenge is an opportunity for every member to have fun and come up with anything - as long as it has some sort of link to the challenge it's all good to us.

Please make sure to add a title to your illustration follow by - October Challenge in the title so everyone can see that's your interpretation of the challenge.

Good luck!

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stanimation productions said...

This is awesome! I would like to participate.

snitch said...
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snitch said...
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Andy Robert Davies said...

Hey ID, love the blog! You can check mine out at

I'll be sending over a robot drawing shortly...

Jack Foster said...

Some fantastic artists and terrific artwork here. I love ID. How do I become a member. You can check me out at

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