A tasty poster!

New Poster design

Mail Boy

Drew and mailed this to a good friend of mine during Christmas. I really enjoyed drawing this so I shall do more of these next time.

Merry Christmas to all! :)

Festive Cheers!

Have a wibbly wobbly Christmas, one and all.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope is a good one and 2011 turns out to be a great year ... not that this poor fella will get to see it - bless :(

Grad Serve 2011

This is a flyer that I did for a non-profit organization. Had to rush this one out as I was briefed on this project on the last min.

Creative Quarterly Journal of Art & Design, Issue 21

Two pieces of my artwork have been selected for the Creative Quarterly Journal: my illustration of a father and child collecting a Christmas tree and a photograph I took whilst in Budapest. The latter image has been used for the cover of the journal and I am rather proud to be responsible for a graffiti face appearing on such a prestigious publication. I must point out that I did not draw the face, as that would be illegal, only photographed it! Perhaps photography should play a bigger part in my work in the future..?

Creative Quarterly 21 by ardillustration

Christmas tree by ardillustration


I am currently participating in a brief set by Ian Anderson of the Designers Republic entitled Hoardings. The idea was each participant received a life size photograph of themselves and was instructed to edit it in a style of their choice.
I decided to turn myself into some kind of mutant form of myself.
These will be printed onto a wall surrounding the construction site of a new art/design building at Manchester School of Art, and will hopefully be printed into a new book at some point.
I am pleased with how this turned out :)


Business card design for my own business cards. Check out my flickr or facebook page where I will post pictures of the finished cards when they are done.

Fineliner on paper.

The AOI Images Annual 34

My work has been selected to appear in the Association Of Illustrators Annual. It is the 34th year of this publication and I have been included in two previous editions. This is the image that was selected...

AOI Images 34 winning entry by ardillustration

Journey. Alone.

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