Rachel Says Hello: Nonsensical Spam Comment Project

Hi Illustration Dust-ers! It's great to be here, I'm Rachel Lewis aka Rachel Says Hello. You can check out my website here at www.rachelsayshello.com, which tells you a bit more about me and my work, I also write a blog with my thoughts and musings on illustration, design, fashion, culture, trends, things I find inspirational, etc etc, called rachelsays... So check that out too if you feel like it.

An ongoing project that I'm doing at the moment is called the Nonsensical Spam Comment Project - I get tonnes of spam comments on my blog, most are crap, but sometimes you get the odd bit of really strange, nonsensical gold... so I've decided to illustrate the best ones. Here is the series so far:

"Let's take our chance together to get rid of nastiness of the life."

"Universal truth that you can not argue with: Eternal love lasts about three months."

"Bravo, this brilliant phrase is necessary just by the way"

"Since it is the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late...."

I've just completed that bird one today. What does everyone think? 

I'm also on twitter too, @rachillustrates. See you around guys :)

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Sarah Knight said...

That's funny, and very apt. I got a spam email a very long long time ago that I knew was an ad for off-market viagra, but it had the most amusing commentary, there was a line about "concomitant sheep" — it was a passage of Dickens I think. They tried their hardest to defy the spam filter. Quite hilarious.

ID said...

I really like the texture of the first one

Rachel said...

Thanks! Yeah half the ones I get just make no sense at all, or they're trying to get past the spam filter and just sound strange!

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