New work for Blanket Magazine- The Landscape Issue

I've been featured as the cover artist over at Blanket Magazine- check it out! Plus it's a great, great issue with some fabulous artists. 


Recipe Illustration for Central Station's ‘TwEATS’ Publication with NVA Harvest

Another exciting thing that happened recently is I took part in Central Station's 'TwEATS' Publication competition - create images for recipes submitted by Central Station members, for publication in the newspaper which was to accompany their ‘twEATS’ event; an online mass-cookery class delivered through twitter.

My recipe was chosen and appeared on the back page! Take a look:

New Work from Rachel: London Fashion Week Illustrations for Amelia's Magazine

So sorry guys, haven't updated you with any of my new work in ages! Trying to juggle a full time graphic design job with freelance illustration and a life is proving tricky. Heh.

So these illustrations were commissioned by Amelia's Magazine for London Fashion Week in September. I illustrated Bernard Chandran's SS11 range:

You can read the original article here:

These are the first fashion illustrations I've done in a while... I want to do more though as I love it. What do you guys think?

More work in a bit :)


A short comic I'm self printing and distributing purely for fun.
Click here or on the image to see the whole thing.


The Italian Straw Hat

From a series of prints I will be exhibiting and selling at the next Speed Arting event in London ( Check it out :) x

Banjo Pig Submission!

Click for Bigger!

My Blog


Here is the latest work I've done for Specsavers, I have to say that I love working with those guys, so much fun.


It's been a bit since I last posted here, busy busy busy (not as much as I would like to but still) - this is something I finished recently, a 70's business man ..... love the mustache!!

My hand-made book 'Five!'

A while back I posted an illustration from a book project I was working on. It was a collaboration with a fellow artist whose short story I illustrated in pencil... and we then turned the project into a limited edition of 200 handmade books. The project has been going from strength to strength... we had a launch party at the National Theatre a few weeks ago, and since then have sold well over half of our copies. We're really delighted! The book has been stocked by several independent bookshops in London, and has been featured on amazing websites like Ape On The Moon, Zero2Illo and Book By Its Cover. You can buy a copy, leave a comment, or just check it out over at the blog

Going Down The Road Feeling Bad

I posted a sneak preview on my twitter the other day of the Antwerp Deadheadz van that I recently painted and I've just finished editing a video that I made of it!...

This was a collaboration between myself and the band Antwerp Deadheadz. They asked me to paint their van and initially I was just going to make a short stop motion video of the painting but then we thought it would be nice to make it into a little narrative and include one of the band's tracks. So, we took the van on a little trip to and from being painted around the home streets of Antwerp...

Song: Going Down The Road Feeling Bad by Antwerp Deadheadz

Zombie Pizza Guy

Hey Everybody! Who wants a piping hot slice of Zombie pizza?
I'll get the plates and...wait a minute...are those anchovies?
Forget it! That's gross!

Zombie Black Belt

Two things that don't mix...martial arts and the living dead.


After a hard day of shambling after delicious victims, a zombie needs to unwind.
I wonder how he's going to get that spare now?


Who wants a squeaky clean zombie?

boy racer

a young lad on a drive through the countryside pushes his vehicle to the limits... freelance is a bit slow this week, so here's another piece just for my own giggles.

"It'll soon be Christmas!"

OK, don't panic just yet, no need to run to Tesco and stockpile the cupboards with cranberry sauce and stuffing! But that time of year is fast approaching and I have been getting into the festive spirit by producing a range of Christmas images for Tigerprint. These card designs should be hitting the M&S shelves in Christmas 2011 but I thought you would like to have a sneak preview. Here are a couple of my favourites...

Night Before Christmas by ardillustration

Gingerbread man by ardillustration

P.S. There are 82 days left until the festival of food and TV!

Coloring Book Cover

This is the cover for a coloring book I just completed called, Jesus is my friend. It should be coming out in January 2011 from Warner Press! Some interiors are over at my blog!

A Doodle

One to add to the pile of things I'd like to work on, when I get time.

September Challenge - ATTACK

my monster for the september challenge.

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