"Three Weeks in Nepal"

I spent the majority of October hiking in the Nepalese Himalaya. I completed the Annapurna Circuit and in doing so passed through various beautiful and baffling villages whilst admiring the stunning mountain ranges. Here are a selection of my photographs and drawings made during the trip.

Nepal by ardillustration
Nepal Sketchbook by ardillustration
Nepal by ardillustration

Nepal Sketchbook by ardillustration

Nepal Sketchbook by ardillustration

Nepal Sketchbook by ardillustration

Nepal by ardillustration
Nepal Sketchbook by ardillustration

Nepal Sketchbook by ardillustration

Urban Cat and Pandas in Jail

News from Rachel Lewis: My work getting published in They Draw and Cook!

This is really amazing news; my work has been chosen to feature in a new book, They Draw and Cook, in America next spring! I'm among 100 or so other illustrators to have recipe illustrations featured, I have to say, I am so excited about this!

They Draw and Cook is an amazing little website; every day they post a new illustration from around the world, I submitted 2, one made the book, but think mine are still in the queue! Go check it out, so many fantastic recipes on there, really need to try some out.
When the book is published I'll get a copy for myself so will of course post pictures, which will be in 2011... I'm sure it'll be worth the wait though!

New Illustration for Amelia's Magazine

This is the latest Illustration I've done for Amelia's Magazine, and this time I even wrote the article to go with it. You can read it here.

Red Demon

Banjo Pig-Sizzlin Bacon

I've submitted this to the Dueling Banjo Pigs blog. Let's hope it's accepted! I'm going through the creation process over on my blog! Stop on by!

As always Click for bigger image! Then Use Ctrl/+ to enlarge the image!
(Can be done multiple times.)

All music is beautifull

Some days ago I got a mail from a graphic designer at Bath University in the UK.
She asked me if I could make an illustration based on music for a zine she's making. I said YES and this is the result.

Fineliner on A3 paper, and simple color tweaking in photoshop.

Check out more of my work at my Flickr account, or become a member of my Facebook page.


Here is a pianist who is saying his farewell to last penguin and polar bear on earth. Used indian ink and gouache.


Hello everyone!

This is my first post for Illustration Dust and i'm really excited about it. I want to share a digitally colored illustration that i made before.

The thinker

immerse in his own thoughts

Introducing: Tea & Crayons Illustration Collective!

Very exciting news; I am pleased to announce that I, along with 5 other lovely ladies, have formed the new illustration collective, Tea & Crayons.
It’s been very exciting, and at the moment, we are very fledgling, but we’re hoping to use the collective as support for all of us as we further our illustration careers, as well as a platform to showcase our work, and organise exhibitions and promotional material together!
We've kicked off with weekly illustration themes; this week we've challenged ourselves to illustrate 'Snacks'. We're also embarking on a touring sketchbook project; sending it round to each of us and filling it with doodles, sketches and goodness!
Contributors are:
Very excited to be working with these girls; even though we are from all corners of the UK, we all share a similar aesthetic and goals. We’re hoping to take the pressure off each other by creating a network of creative (and probably emotional!) support so we can get achieve our goals!
Click here to visit our blog – and don’t forget to subscribe, and follow us on twitter too!
My introduction can be seen here – but check back everyday for frequent news from us!

New work from Rachel Lewis: Proud Kitchen Launch Night for Amelia's Magazine

Last week I was commissioned by Amelia’s Magazine to produce a couple of illustrations for an article by Jessica Furseth about the launch of new Camden restaurant, Proud Kitchen.
The article discusses last Thursday’s opening; above is an illustration describing the space - it's an extension of what is already known as a venue for music, art, cabaret and clubbing – the launch of Proud Kitchen completes the experience. It's an old converted stable so you can still see the original features like windows and beams, in the above illustration.
A starter of bresaola of beef, with piccalilli and sourdough toast, above. Looks so yummy – illustrating food from a photo is never quite as good as when you get to make it and eat it yourself!
Check out Proud Kitchen here - Looks amazing, I really want to check it out!

Retratos - Portraits

Go there. Love you.

New illustration for Amelia's Magazine

This is an illustration I did recently for Amelia's Magazine (www.ameliasmagazine.com), for an article on ceramicist Sophie Woodrow.

her fish

In class doodle.


Here is a comic strip I've done for an online creative magazine - best of it is that is based on a true experience.

Evan & Elle

For the event in Hinckley on 20th November, an image that will be reproduced as a limited edition print. It took a little longer than usual but this has two bears and I enjoy painting flames.

Graphic Artists Guild Newsletter Cover

Greetings, Dusters! I've been a member here for awhile now, but this is my very first post. It's an illustration I did for the upcoming Graphic Artists Guild newsletter. The theme was how we are all connected by digital media. I took my inspiration from former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens' infamous remark that the internet was "a series of tubes."


A new little collage piece from me


Improvised speedpaint.

There is a Bad Taste Bears collectors event in Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK on 20th November. I'll be showing a history of the brand and the evolution of the illustration style.
I'm planning to have some originals available for sale. Here is one of the pieces that will be looking for a new home. There are others but they are too large for the scanner.

New Work from Rachel: Nonsensical Spam Comment Illustration for Do You Read Me Daily

I recently did an exclusive illustration for Do You Read Me Daily - a great blog which you should all check out, keeping you updated with the latest or oldest trends on arts, music, movies, media and more.

It's continuing my Nonsensical Spam Comments Project, with a comment left on the DYRM blog that I illustrated for them. Read the original article here: http://www.dyrmdaily.com/2528/nonsensical-spam-by-rachel-lewis-for-dyrmdaily/ 


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