June Challenge: Dracula

Triangle Drakula

Here's a digital version of "Drakula," one of the characters I will be painting on wood as part of a musical monster series. As suggested by a fan on The Rots' Facebook page, the series likely will be titled, Orchestral Monstra.


Robots by Emma Fitzgerald

Robots poster design


Recent illustration i created

via 200/70 blog


Hi I'm new to the blog site, my name is Joseph Cowman
I am accustomed to working with traditional media, but
recently found myself sucked into the digital sphere. This
is my first attempt at digital illustration, and I have to admit
it was more fun than I thought it would be.

Vote for me!!!

I've enter one of my illustrations to be voted at Infectious, to be used as the skin of an laptop - but to win I need more votes than the rest ..... plllleeeeeeeeease vote for me :)


A Plug by Steven Silver

self publishing
Character designer Steven Silver (creator of Kim Possible and Danny Phantom) says some very kind words about my new book Drawing Animals With Numbers for sale now at www.studioharpster.com.

Thanks Steven!

Mad Dogs and Englishmen...

It is getting HOT! So much so, I decided to depict the immortal words from Noel Coward's song for my latest promotional card. I hope you like it.

Mad Dogs and Englishmen by ardillustration

New work from Rachel Lewis: Recipe illustrations in Australian Cleo Magazine

I was contacted recently by the lovely people at Cleo Magazine, in Australia, who really like my recipe illustrations and wanted me to produce some more for a feature in the September issue! Random but amazing!

So I allowed them to reproduce two of my old ones, and did two new ones for them as well, which I want to post up here:

This recipe is one from my mum - she always makes this at BBQs and get-togethers etc and it's so amazing (as the title suggests), and pretty easy too. The feta and the capers make it stand out against shop-bought couscous, it's perfect for summer days!

 I've made this a few times and it is easy - the ready made cake mix is a bit of a cheat so sometimes I do make it from scratch. Using the orange juice instead of water is genius and they taste amazing - especially the next day when the orange zest has had time to sink into the icing and give it flavour.
 Nom nom nom.

So these illustrations will be in the September issue of Cleo, out in August. If (like me) you don't live in Australia then you won't be able to get your hands on a copy, but I have some friends in Oz who hopefully can send me it! If you do live there though then go buy it when it's out ^.^

This is the first time my work has been published onto actual physical paper so I'm really happy. It's just on an exposure basis (humph, no money) but who knows what could come from this? Good times! Thanks Australia, very random but cool!


I have just been invited to make my work available as tee shirts, bags, posters and all sorts of other goodies on Artsprojekt, a website curated by the rad Andy Howell. I'll be updating my shop with more stock soon, but for now go check it out and cop a tee shirt or so!...Click here

Morning bird

This bird needs his coffee in the morning before even thinking of doing his hair. Created on Cinema 4D


Here is a couple of 3D illustration characters I've just created using Cinema 4D

Ripple Sketches

Illustrator Kelly Light has started a blog to raise money for the wildlife affected by the BP Deepwater oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. If any illustrator would like to participate, they just have to create a sketch card or print and she will sell it on her blog for a $10 donation.  Here is my artwork that I sent in and will be available soon for purchase.  View Kelly's blog, Ripple, here

Should've gone to Specsavers

This is part of latest work I've done for Specsavers latest campaign appearing all over the London Underground and train stations at the moment. They appear in more than 200 sites as Cross track animations, LCD and posters - loads of fun to do.

To see the rest of the illustrations for this campaign visit Portfolio 1 on my website http://www.illustrationsbyoscar.com

ANGRY BUS by Alvarez Cabrero


House by the River

Hi my name is Emma Fitzgerald, these are a couple of collage illustrations for scenes from one of my animations. www.emmafitzgerald.co.uk

Tiddles - Tobogganing Champion

Tiddles, the dark side of the cat. Licence work.

Cowboy UP!

I wanna be a cowboy when I grow up.

The Treeman

The Treman- new work in progress
by Exit Man


The gorgeous Ipad, very desirable but not cheap. If you want one (which I am not ashamed to say I do) you have to be prepared to only eat beans on toast for a while.

New Blijmakertjes

Blijmakertje Bobo:

Blijmakertje Timbo:

Blijmakertjes Ulo:

Scary Monsters

Another set of Monsters, this ones did not come from the closet but the are still scary-ish .......

Goth dog walker.

I saw this lady in the park one time and committed her to my memory bank. The only thing I changed was the dog and she wasn't smoking.

Je t'aime a La Folie by Michael Wright

Another new book cover! This commission was one of my longer ones, but I think (and hope you agree) that it was worth the wait. Je t'aime a La Folie is the sequel to the successful book, C'est La Folie from best selling author, Michael Wright. I have been commissioned by several publishers for my depictions of 'romantic French countryside' and C'est La Folie was my first crack at this genre, so it is nice to finally complete the cover artwork for the sequel.

Je t'aime a La Folie, by Andy Robert Davies


Here are a couple of illustrations for a lifestyle magazine created in Illustrator. The one in Paris is inspired on my wife .... well except the fact my wife has a normal shape head, oh, and a cat not a dog ...


Hi there! I am a new member and just thought I would introduce myself and also say thank you for having me. I study illustration at university and am still figuring myself out really but I thought I would share a bit of my recent work with you. These are some images from a book project I've been doing for uni. I enjoyed making these and working in this style.

Hi there!

I´m new here, just wanted to introduce me and show you some work of mine. The last ones I did are the ones I like the most... It´s kind a personal work. I love the David Cronenberg´s film Naked Lunch and it moved me to select the novel as my final project of this year (I´m finishing my studies of illustration in Spain). There are few more to finish.

Any feedback is welcome. Cheers. Anna M. More here:

New Illustration

I just thought I'd show my latest illustration... this is part of a personal project which will become a handmade book when it's finished. It started just as an experiment, when a friend passed on a short story for me to see if I was interested in doing some illustrations for it. This new illustration is number 10 out of 11 double-page spreads... all black & white pencil drawings. When I've finished the final drawing we plan to make handmade copies to sell on Etsy. The other illustrations can be seen at my website: http://katrionachapman.squarespace.com/the-bird-series/the-bird-series/

Elephant Parade illustration for Amelia's Magazine

This is a recent illustration I created for Amelia's Magazine, to illustrate an article on the current Elephant Parade London 2010 exhibition taking place throughout the capital to raise awareness for the declining numbers of the Asian elephant population.

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