Happy easter for you to!

Happy Easter to everyone from ID

We hope you have a fantastic time and get loads of eggs.

Doodling Japan!


"Uriya" Shouting with power and passion.

"Kakkoii" means "cool"...it's usually used to describe a boy looking badass

       and this you need to figure out hehehe!

A series of typo-illustrations i created last March for an exhibition in Manila.This series is inspired from old japanese cartoons (minus the robots, explosions and lazer beams etc.)yup watching too much anime has a huge effect in most of my works hehe! Cheers! by the way thanks to Jill for helping me out in translating  these words hahaha!

New Blogger! Anjo Bolarda

Hi Everyone!

Im Anjo Bolarda, illustrator/ graphic designer based in Manila, Philippines.I use pen and paper then color it with Photoshop.
There's nothing more that i could say!uhm
I'll just post good stuff and things i could share!

Have a Creative Day guys!

Inspire! Dont Expire!

Blue Fishy

Fun drawing I did few nights ago as a break, sort of had the same theme with the sketch I did a month ago.

New blogger: Marjolein Bos

Hallo, I'm Marjolein Bos. A short introduction:
I'm an independant Dutch illustrator, living in Saas-Fee (Switzerland). Used techniques: pencil, drawingpen, mixed media, water-colour and acrylics, oil-colours and airbrush. But also computer-art in for instance Illustrator en Photoshop. You can see some of my illustrations on my website www. marjoleinbos.nl.
In January 2010 I founded and opened the Gallery Maste 4, the highest gallery of Europe on 2575 m. Next week the website will be online: www.maste4.com. If you want see some Photos, look on Facebook: Marjolein Bos, event "Galerie Maste 4".

Illustration for Maggies Cancer Caring Centres

Here is an illustration that I've done for a new project, Memories in aid of Maggie's Centres, a UK based cancer charity.

I was given the story of a cancer patient and was asked to illustrate it to go into a book with others. In my illustration I wanted to show the different journeys she had to go through during her fight against cancer, and how starting a family gave new meaning to life that helped her on the way. Memories will be released in the summer of 2010 along with the launch of an exhibition in London


Hello everyone!

I found this sketch I did of Austin powers a few years ago and thought I would share it. It is quite different than my usual cartoon digital style. I am thinking about doing a whole series of caricatures to promote that side of what I do. Any thoughts?


There's a Monster in the Fridge


Was on sketchoholic last night [LINK] watching Bobby Chiu's latest live streaming video and participated in his live drawing contest. Have to draw a given subject in less than an hour. The participants upload their art and then vote on the art posted. It's a fun event and I actually won last night. Get an original Bobby Chiu art sketch/painting.

Wanted to say " HI "


I'm very happy that I was allowed to join this fine group of illustrators.
Here is Gus, with some of the tools of my trade, ( although I do much
more work now on my Cintiq than with an animation disc and blue pencil).
The unicorn's name is Snowflake, but he hates it.

The Three Fates

From Greek mythology. The three fates are blind but with this special jewel they are able to see into the past present and future.

Even more robots

Strangely enough I seem to find myself doing loads of robot work without realizing it. This are some character illustrations a PR agency in London commissioned me to do, each one of the characters was going to be used by their staff for their business cards, putting a bit of fun in PR.

Robot City

Robot City
A place where technology dreams and robots are born.

9" X12"
Pen and Ink
illustrated by Stan Levine
Artist at Stanimation Productions


Hi everyone!  I would like to first of all thank Oscar for creating this blog and inviting me.  My name is Loni Edwards.  I love to draw illustrations and cartoons.  I have a deep love for the animal kingdom and my art reflects that.  I usually use a sketch, then ink and color in Photoshop using my Wacom.  It's great to meet all of you and be part of such a talented community!

The Cracken

Hello, my name is Steve Harpster and I am brand new to the blog. Getting excited about the new release of Clash of The Titans.

My latest work

Here's one I just finished today. This is the kind of stuff I usually do. It may not be overly exciting or imaginative, but my job is often to take things that are not so interesting or pretty and make them look cool. I am actually pleased with how it turned out. In case anyone is wondering, these are big industrial welders that join the seam in the pipes that are rolled in the tower press that's in the background. Because of the complexity of the image and lack of photos in the view I needed, I modeled it in Cinema 4D and finished it off by painting in Photoshop.

the cheez run

i probably missed it but here's a pic for oscar's robot challenge - it's the little mouse from my rusty sheriff piece, and here he is again - this time, down a dark alley at night with his mates.

this won a daily deviation on deviantart last weekend and had 12,000 hits in one day, which made me laugh a lot and feel way too proud of myself. until i found out i had 1,500 messages to reply to...

Boy and Girl

Thanks a lot to Oscar for having me on board. Here's a series of two I did at the end of last year, just for fun.
I did the first one and Pascal Campion suggested me to make a new one with different staging.
... Just realized it's Fall theme and now it's Spring already.

I'm new, please speak slowly

Hi everybody.

I just wanted to introduce myself by adding the latest image I've used in my self-promo efforts. I draw my rough sketches by hand, but I use Painter and Photoshop for my final renderings.

I mostly promote my illustrations for kids, but I also create The Rots (Web site: http://www.the-rots.com/). The Rots are just twisted little characters that I've illustrated for t-shirts, note cards, calendars, lots of things.

Thanks for having me on board!

snitch was here

my jolly good friend johnny foreigner i mean oscar invited me to join his site, dusty illustrations. so i did. i draw pictures. robots at the moment but i'll soon get tired of robots. here is one of my robots. snitch x

Introduction of me and my work

My name is Daniel Johnson and I joined this blog recently. I am a digital illustrator, but I am trained in traditional media. I primarily use Photoshop to do realistic commercial illustration. I'll start off with this one. I did it a few years ago, but I still like it. This digital painting won the Guru Award in Illustration at the 2007 Photoshop World. It was also featured on the cover of Layers magazine. It was painted entirely from scratch in Photoshop. Recently, I created a blog to showcase my work and post tutorials based on my images. This one was featured last month and I posted tutorials explaining the techniques I used to create it. You can read them here.

New face

I created this illustration for a friend not long ago, he wanted it his iphone 'skin'. Now that I've done it I've been thinking of putting it as the main image on my webs landing page Illustrationsbyoscar The current image that I have (alien bee) has been there for 3 months and I think is getting a bit old. What do you guys think?

Robot parenting

Some of us can relate to the 'potty training' moments, but how do you explain this?. I did this illustration a while back for an article talking about how humans were turning into machines.


Here is a very, very posh man Indeed. Obviously blue blood.

Little Dragon and the Golden Egg

This is a scene from a childrens book to be released (Hanna Scholten and Illustrator Tessa Heijmer, http://www.tessart.nl/), about the road to discovery of your talents, how to recognize them and how to use them.

It will be in English and in Dutch, in store this summer!

Scary world

It can be a scary world for babies, I still remember those 'evil Teddy Bears' at night.

Specsavers ad

I wanted to show everyone an illustration I've done for Specsavers (for those not in the UK they are sale glasses and contact lens). They commissioned me to do 4, this is the one I like the most.

Tate Robot - This Monday 'Robots'

Here is my Robot for the challenge. A while ago I took this photo of Tate with all the illustrations on it's wall .... and then I decided that one of they would come alive.

Reading spider

Photoshop illustration of a very clever spider.

Recession is over

Here is my interpretation of the news that the recession might be over soon - mmmhhhhhh Created in illustrator.

Scary world

Butter on Toast, Butter on Toast ........ why do they go so well together?

Monthly Challenge

This is the Monthly Challenge for this month.

October: Halloween

Every month we will post a new challenge, you'll have a the whole month to post any illustration you think relates to the challenge. At the end of each month we'll put all the illustrations entered into the month's challenge for voting. The illustration with the most votes for that month will appear in the Monthly Challenge winners list ... what an honour!! ;)

At the end of the year we'll put all the monthly winners up for voting, the illustration that accumulates the biggest number of votes will be THE ID ILLUSTRATION OF THE YEAR and will win a little price, wow!!

Monthly Challenge is an opportunity for every member to have fun and come up with anything - as long as it has some sort of link to the challenge it's all good to us.

Please make sure to add a title to your illustration follow by - October Challenge in the title so everyone can see that's your interpretation of the challenge.

Good luck!

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