I'm doing some illustrations of a harmonica player, David Michelsen (who is currently teaching me how to play) I did this in pencil working from a photo. I photographed the drawing then coloured in photoshop. There's a few layers, 1 for flesh tone (using 2 colours) 1 for the lighting and a blue gradient. Hope you like it! (You can find more of my work here btw)

Plus there's an ID monthly challenge that everybody should do if they haven't seen it yet, I just saw it myself. The theme is Frankenstein, should be good!

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ID said...

Great Illustration Stuart!!

And yes everyone, remember about the ID challenge, is the first one and you don't want to miss out ;)

Illustrationsbyoscar said...

Really nice, great line drawing - bit worried about the match near his eye, I hope it didn't hurt ;)

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