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my jolly good friend johnny foreigner i mean oscar invited me to join his site, dusty illustrations. so i did. i draw pictures. robots at the moment but i'll soon get tired of robots. here is one of my robots. snitch x

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Dan Johnson said...

That is pretty darn cool. How was it done?

ID said...

Heyyyyy!!!! - at last you join us, good to see the robot!!

snitch said...

thanks a lot dan, yeah i used photoshop, cinema 4d and a litle bit of illustrator

stanimation productions said...

The rendering is amazing! I like how each of your illustrations have so much detail in them, and how you added the robot mouse in this one. It was in the one with the cats in the garbage cans too. Is there a story going on here? I'm intrigued as to where this series of robot mice illustrations will go next. One question though: why does a robot drink whiskey?

snitch said...

ask bender from futurama! and why would a robot mouse eat cheese? who knows? thanks for the kind words stan, there's no theme really though - the mouse appeared first in the cowbot pic, then i got to wondering what else the little feller might get up to, so then i did the one with the cats. no more mouse pics, for now anyway...cheers

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