Was on sketchoholic last night [LINK] watching Bobby Chiu's latest live streaming video and participated in his live drawing contest. Have to draw a given subject in less than an hour. The participants upload their art and then vote on the art posted. It's a fun event and I actually won last night. Get an original Bobby Chiu art sketch/painting.

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ID said...

Well done Steve, and congratulations on wining last night - nice illu.

Steve Harpster said...


Russ Cox said...


7414Stars said...

Woww, congratsss!
Nice idea and great illo for the contest!
What was the topic given?

Steve Harpster said...

There was an anatomy sculpture of a head. Half of it was human and the other half was muscle. You had to create a make believe character using the sculpture as a loose reference.

7414Stars said...

That's cool.

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