The House of Illustration Competition

The focus of this year's competition is the fantastic book, 'The Bloody Chamber' by Angela Carter. It is a collection of dark reinventions of classic fairy tales. Having just completed a children's picture book, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to create some sinister pieces of illustration. Below are my four entries for the competition as well as the passages that inspired each image.

The Bloody Chamber & Other Stories Cover

Bloody Chamber Cover by ardillustration

"...The Beast not much different from any other man, although he wears a mask with a man's face painted most beautifully on it..."

The Company of Wolves

"...If the benighted traveller spies those luminous, terrible sequins stitched suddenly on the black thickets, then he knows he must run, if fear has not struck him stock still..."

The Company of Wolves by ardillustration

The Bloody Chamber

"...I took the forbidden key from the heap and left the others lying there..."

The Bloody Chamber by ardillustration

Puss In Boots

"...A white hand fragrant as Arabia descends from the black cloak and reciprocally rubs behind his ears just at the ecstatic spot..."

Puss In Boots by ardillustration

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Beautiful work!

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