24 Hour Drawing

If you could spend 24 hours working on anything, what would it be? This was the assignment for my drawing elective. The project was simple. Buy an A0 (841mm × 1189mm) sheet of paper, get a pen and draw whatever comes to mind. No sketches, no rubbing out, no starting over; just ink to paper.

We were given two weeks to spend a total of 24 hours on one piece of art. This is the most honest insight into my twisted, bizarre imagination; straight from brain to hand. Click to enlarge.

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Peter Underhill said...

It looks very feminine.

Mete said...

haha I'd love to hear how you came to that conclusion.

June said...

This looks like a fascinating project.

I'd like to see the top image fully, but it doesn't click to enlarge. Any chance you could reload it in the post?

Peter Underhill said...

I came to that conclusion by looking at the content and the style. Am I wrong? Did I change your gender? If so, I apologise.

Mete said...

There's no wrong answer. Yours has been the most unique Peter, I appreciate that.

June, here's the original post in my blog with larger images http://metedesign.blogspot.com/2011/08/24-hour-drawing.html.

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