Summit Brew header illustration

I got to illustrate the header image for a brand new website called, started up by outdoor journalist (and beer-drinker) Jared Hargrave. The premise of the site is for contributors to climb a peak, and once there drink an exotic beer, then later write a review of both.

For the image, I ended up going for the look on an old, weathered, painted sign from the 50's, or possibly an old style tourist postcard.

This is the original approved sketch.

This the inked drawing, which I did at roughly 3'x13'. Its times like this I love Photoshop's photo merge feature. The landscape changed quite a bit once I looked up some actual reference images for Utah. Note I originally showed the guy with a six-pack, but changed it when the client pointed out the safety hazards of mountain climbing after that much consumption.

Here is the final again with the six-pack magically transformed into a healthy whole wheat sandwich and a back of chips.

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