Portrait Illustrations for ad agency

Here are 3 illustrations I've done for and advertising agency pitch presentations. They provided with the photos and I had to illustrate them with the same style as the one of Julian Opie.

The illustrations where not part of the work shown to the client, it was for the 3 people in the pitching team to present themselves.

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Rachel said...

Nice. Great colours.
How do you feel about that? Being asked to draw something in another person's style?

Just a question, I'm intrigued. I was always taught to refuse commissions that explicitly copied another's style... but on the flip side, money is money right?

A question about personal artistic integrity I suppose :)

Illustrationsbyoscar said...

It felt weird to be honest, but it was the first time this agency me called me so couldn't say no.

They knew exactly what they wanted. Is not for a live job, they are just using it to present themselves at the pitch (those 3 are the pitching team) so I guess is not that bad. :)

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