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 Illustration for a Free Software lectures event

Inktober 2018 Week 1

Been having a great time participating in this year's Inktober challenge. It's my first time, so I thought of keeping things simple and just sticking to a Halloween theme. I'm also using the daily prompts from the official Inktober website. This image was for Day 3: Roasted and is one of my favorites so far. You can see all of my Inktober illustrations at

Tips And Tricks: How To Complete A 365 Drawing Challenge

Doing a daily drawing challenge is one of the best, and easiest, ways to improve yourself as an artist. I've seen illustrators make remarkable improvements in just the first two weeks. If you are thinking of taking on a 365 Drawing Challenge, (or are just now learning about it and intrigued) I can highly recommend it. 

The main things you will need: 
  • Enough drawing supplies (most sketchbooks don't have 365 pages). 
  • Plan out ideas for your daily drawings ahead of time such as: 
  • Writing down lists of word prompts 
  • Collecting inspiring reference images
  • Listing various mediums or styles you'd like to experiment with

If you'd like to read more about how I approached and completed my own 365 Drawing Challenge, check out my blog post: 5 Tips For Completing A 365 Drawing Challenge

The Power of the Pink Cookie | Ascent Magazine

Got inspired to go for a retro video game theme for this one. The article is about an avid skier who “powers up” by eating Granny B’s Original Pink Cookies, and I couldn’t help but be reminded of Super Mario. This is my first attempt at creating pixel art, and I was surprised at how easy and fun it turned out to be.

Happy Halloween

Here's an illustration I did for for a poem called My Pet Bat. Happy Halloween!

Tikin' Awesome! | Mike's HARDER

Illustration proposal I did for Mike’s HARDER for a limited edition drink called Passion Fruit. I really like how this one came out, but for some reason they decided to go in another direction.


Here's a little preview of my upcoming children's book Short Pump Bump.

Mash-up: Calvin and Hobbes

TBT: An old mashup I did with Calvin and Hobbes as Batman and Robin.


Here’s a little something I did initially for the 21 Day Drawing Challenge by Von Glitschka (Day 6: Get Cubistic). I really liked how the drawing came out and thought it would be another great opportunity for me to play around with the Megapack set of Photoshop brushes from the awesome Kyle T. Webster.


Did this little Viking after picking up the Megapack of Photoshop brushes from Kyle T. Webster. Well-worth the minor investment for all the fun you'll have getting natural media effects into your digital work! You check out the Megapack and other amazing brush sets here:

Short Pump Bump coming soon!

Finishing up the final illustrations for my first picture book, Short Pump Bump, written by Angie Miles and published by Brandylane Publishers. Preorders available at

Local news station NBC29 covers my Mike's Harder win

I recently had the honor of winning one of the Design the Can contests by Mike's HARDER for their new, limited edition drink Tiger's Blood. Having my work appear in stores across the country was already cool enough (along with the prize money!), but just yesterday Charlottesville's NBC29 came out to my studio and did a really nice segment on my win. You can check out the clip in the link below:

Desert Mountain Biking, Hallucinations, and Sushi

Here's my latest work for Utah Adventure Journal. It's always fun to illustrate something that references hallucinating since it's basically a licence to take things a bit farther than I would otherwise. Below is a work in progress shot with my awesome Huion LED lightpad.

Backcountry Skiing

T-shirt design for Ascent Backcountry Snow Journal.

Tee Time and Tailgating: New work for Integrity Golf Magazine

Here's an illustration I did recently for a newly-launched magazine, Integrity Golf. The article is about how football and golf pair up nicely among sports fans, and the art director wanted to see some fans tailgating on a golf course. I figured naturally they would choose to tailgate out of the back of their golf cart. You can see more of my work at

Holly Hermit for the Holiday

Cartoons for Common Ground Magazine

San Francisco's Common Ground magazine is leading up to it's 40th anniversary with an issue devoted to the importance of humor. Editor Rob Sidon, who knew me from my days doing comics and short animations for a meditation center in India, called me up to ask if I had anything on hand. Alas, I had none. But that didn't stop me from putting pencil to paper.

The first one I did is a variation on an idea I had for a Grumpy Cat meme playing off Ekhart Tolle's The Power of Now. The second one, like most good humor, is actually based on a true event.

You can see more of my work at

New Work- Wonder World

// Available as a print in my Society6 shop. //

For more information about my work, check out my website at:

I Say, ...

Today dream outfit

Love and Hate

For my latest Gardeners' World illustration I was asked to depict our illogical preference for one animal over the next.  A flock of doves is a beautiful thing, but a woodpigeon, a grey squirrel or rabbit are often considered pests and not enjoyed to the same degree.  Perhaps it is what they do that is the problem rather than what they look like?

</span>Gardeners' World Magazine March 2013 by ardillustration<span class=

Night Flight

A painting inspired by a song...

Night Flight by ardillustration

Cover art for C-ville Weekly

Happy New Year! 2013 is off to an auspicious start for me already with my first cover for C-ville hitting the stands today.    It's my first cover for anything available locally like this, and it's really cool to drive around town and see my artwork everywhere! This is a slight departure from my usual work, but the art director wanted to avoid using any gun imagery after the recent shootings in New Haven. When we met, he had already worked out the idea of a cave painting and showing the women from the article with bows and arrows.

DJ Hammerhand Cat

Tin Can Phone Game

3.5 x 5.5 Moleskine Cahier cover. White Ink and Acrylic.

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